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There is no doubt the social media space is fast-paced and dynamic and we are regularly having to keep up with the updates to each channels latest algorithms and changes in customer behaviour. It's a daunting thought yet as painful as they are, these updates result in even better ways of reaching and engaging with your target audience.

If you’re wanting to stand out from your competition in 2022 and break the myths of social media, then read our latest article on what is trending right now and what to look out for in the year ahead.

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Let's dive into Instagram

As we are writing Instagram is one of the top 5 most downloaded Apps. The platform currently has over 1 billion users globally.

Over the last year, Instagram users spent around 13.8% more time on the platform. This means there is an increased potential for you to reach your audience on Instagram.


Showing Ads in reels

One of the current features that everyone has been raving about are Instagram reels. They launched its ‘reels’ feature back in August 2020, with similar features to it's rival social platform TikTok. Instagram has finally taken on this feature to increase engagement and provide other excellent ways for brands to reach users that have yet targeted.

Videos are a must!

Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app” according to Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram. Instagram are looking to gear towards entertainment and video after seeing the success of TikTok and YouTube and how are attracting the more 'modernised' public.

60 days of Instagram insights

This is a great feature for small businesses and Instagram’s extension of insights viewing from 30 days to 60 days has really excited its users! This extension increases the capacity to measure results over a longer time and tracks cycles without solely relying on third-party apps.

Do you have less than 10k followers? It's bad news I'm afraid...

Instagram has ditched the “swipe-up” link in Instagram Stories which is a shame for those with less than 10k followers. We think it's Instagram's way of getting more businesses to advertise!

Do you have over 10k followers? You'll love the shop feature...

Instagram Shop launched in 2020 and has recently introduced Ads making it much easier for audiences to shop.

The new link sticker is a lot clearer and can be added anywhere on a post. This allows you full control of templates. So, if you have over 10K followers, this is your time to shine!

The biggest changes to Facebook

Facebook Business Suite

Are you organically posting to Facebook as well as running advertising campaigns? Then you'll love the new updates to Facebook Business Suite!

Facebook Business Suite are currently rolling out some significant updates. Just think, if you could split test your organic posts like you would when running Ads you'd achieve some really valuable data.

There is also another new addition to the business suite that allows you to manage emails and send out re-marketing-focused emails – you can now be more streamlined with your Facebook audiences, reaching them at the right time with the right messages and also save so much time!


New messenger features

Another new Facebook update is the new messenger features which will enable businesses to instantly connect and provide real-time communication with potential customers.

They have some brilliant features for example the chat options within Ads and the request a quote button on your business Facebook page. These new features allow your audience to request a quote through Messenger with the option to move people onto Whats app to instantly engage and get the information they need. In 2022 the demand for real-time responses is going to be at an all time high.

What about Facebook Reels?

Reels are fun and inspiring short videos and have been achieving high engagement for many businesses on Instagram to engage their audience so it’s no surprise that Facebook are now rolling these out. Could this help those businesses that have seen a decline in organic reach in 2021? We’ll have to wait and see!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our social media marketing tips and gained some insights to help you plan for 2022.

If you need support with your social media activity or marketing strategy and planning in 2022 we'd be happy to discuss our services with you and how we can support your business to help you thrive!

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