Maidenhead Rowing Club Business Partnerships

Sales & Marketing Packages for Finnish companies

Over the last 3 years, Maidenhead Rowing Club has received invaluable support from many local business partners and this year has seen us receive our most support. We now have 14 local businesses in our partnership programme!

Read the all hands on deck press release featured in the Maidenhead Advertiser Business section on how we’ve developed this strong community together. 

Our most recent business partners are;  Absolutely Karting, Mattel (Toys) and Shanly Foundation who unfortunately just missed out on the publicity piece!

So where did it all start and how have we made the partnership programme so successful?

It all started 3 yrs ago when my daughters started rowing at the club and as everyone at the club is a volunteer – especially the coaches. So I offered to help out with some marketing and fundraising.

We created some partner packages, we ran some marketing campaigns, we developed relationships and we engaged with our partners to promote them as well as promote the club – it’s been a real partnership programme that has gone from strength to strength in 3 years – all of our founding partners are still with us and this year we added 5 new business partners –


If you would like to become a part of the Maidenhead Rowing Club business partnership or if you would like to find out how building partnerships can help your business grow please contact me.


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