6 ways marketing can help your sales team hit target, right now


6 ways marketing can help your sales team hit target, right now

Marketing can have an immediate and significant impact on your sales. We’ve provided some top tips on how marketing and sales can work together to boost revenue.

  1. Review your existing products and packages and the customer buying process.
    Can you upsell your products with add-ons or upgrades? Is it easy and smooth for people to buy your products? Reviewing the customer experience is an essential foundation before you promote any add-ons through targeted email, direct mail and social media to warm up your audience.
  2. Your existing customers should be the easiest to market and sell to.
    Review your existing audience to assess their receptiveness to other services you offer. Consider promotions, bundles and upgrades that add real benefit to your customers. Using your data from your website (see point 3 below) you can also prompt your existing customers with selected products and/or services they have shown interest in. Personalisation is key here, to ensure the messages you are sending out are relevant to that particular customer.
  3. Using all your data sources all of the time. On your website you will have Blog subscribers, newsletter sign ups, contact forms and maybe live chat buttons to help you to build up your database of prospects. You can also find out which companies are visiting your website through Google Analytics and insight tools such as Lead Forensics or Leadroid. By gathering this data, sales teams have interested prospects in their hands, with intelligence about their interests in your company.
  4. Use your website to publish your expertise and experience. Articles containing top tips or sharing valuable insights will show potential customers that you are experts in your field. You should also have customer case studies and testimonials on your website to give your prospects an idea about how you work and the results they can expect if they choose you.
  5. Make the most of LinkedIn to stay in touch. LinkedIn is fast becoming the most popular sales tool. With access to all your clients, suppliers and partners, you can keep in touch, check employee movements and company news. This type of update can potentially turn from one client to two. Reach out to your client in their new company, find out if your services or products are required there and also contact their previous company and speak to their replacement to introduce yourself as a provider. You might also want to consider LinkedIn Sales Navigator as another way of reaching potential customers.
  6. Don’t let opportunities get stuck!
    Quite often sales opportunities can get stuck in the decision-making loop. Marketing can support sales efforts by looking at proposals and deals that are not converting and seeing what fresh marketing content and support can be provided to the prospect to help overcome concerns or objections.

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