IDM Masterclass – Innovate You: Become a Modern Marketing Leader

We believe leadership of others starts with leadership of yourself. This unique course takes you through a series of personal development “sprints” that will enable you to identify and understand your value in the workplace.

Delivered by Mark Harris and Jack Lowman, this course uses modern hacking mentality and techniques to enable you to make instant changes to enhance your personal performance and become the best leader you can be.

At our most recent course in June, Marketing Executives from a number of charities including, Age UK, Mind and RSPCA, fed back that the course helped to develop their leadership, increased their confidence, provided practical tools and helped them to reflect.

Please see below some of the feedback from the attendees…

What was the best part of the day for you and why?

“Drawing my future. Taking the space to really think about my desires and priorities”

“Content in general – well pitched and relevant”

“Clear steps, inspiration, tangible take aways”

“Opportunity to share and interact. It felt like a safe environment”

Would you recommend the course to others and why?

“Yes, to those newer to leadership”

“Yes, it’s well researched, engaging, practical and future-focused”

“Yes, helps focus your approach and communicate it”

“Yes, taking time to reflect on this is worth it and important”

“Yes, made me think of how I am behaving as a leader and the leader I want to be”

Next Course Dates:

11th September 2018

7th December 2018

If you’d like to book your place, please visit the IDM website or email mark@marketingboost.co.uk.

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